Working Papers

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Capital Mobility & Taxation in Autocracies – Evidence from China – With Ling Chen

Bayesian Versus Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Treatment Effects in Bivariate Probit Instrumental Variable Models – With Jacob M. Montgomery and Adriana Crespo-Tenorio (2017) (Conditional Accept at Political Science Research and Methods) – Online Appendix

Fiscal Capacity, Income Distribution, and Taxation in Brazilian Municipalities. – With Thiago Silva (Graduate Student at Texas A&M University) (2017) (R&R)

On the Use and Abuse of Spatial Instruments – With Timm Betz and Scott J. Cook (2017) (R&R)

Random? As if. Spatial Dependence in Instrumental Variable Models – With Timm Betz and Scott J. Cook (2017)

Principled Imputation Made Simple: Multiple Imputation Using Gaussian Copulas – With Iavor Bojinov, Shahryar Minhas, Nils W. Metternich, Michael D. Ward, and Alexander Volfovsky (2017)  (R&R)

Public Spending in Autocracies: Evidence from Prussian Cities – (2017)

The Development of Fiscal Capacity in 19th Century Prussia – (Dissertation Chapter) (2017)

State Building and the Geography of Governance: Evidence from Satellites – With Michael D. Ward and Erik Wibbels (2016)

Fiscal Capacity in Authoritarian Regimes: An Empirical Analysis – (Dissertation Chapter) (2016)